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We have interest over wide areas such as Finance, Education, Science, Political System, Humanity, Global Economics, Health Products, Software, Electronics etc. Any ideas expressed/articles written over this website are our own views, understanding, experience and by no means to be linked with our current or previous organisation. We have maintained this website to share our knowledge and understanding over various topics, related to finance, which may help others in one way or another to achieve their goals. We are firm believers that sharing knowledge is the only way to achieve harmony between various individuals/nations.

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You may ask us any question on which you want us to write a blogpost on contact@raretower.com . Kindly note that we shall be reading email only once in a week, mostly around the weekend. If you have a contradictory view on our published post, you are most welcome to put a comment on that post and we can have a healthy discussion over the topic. Most of our blog posts on this website will be related to the Finance, Stock Market, Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks, Index , Educational Tutorials, Trading Strategies, Investments, Swing trading etc. As every blog posted on this website will undergo a rigorous quality check related to its correctness, scientific facts, relevance to the question asked etc. All the blog posts will have further reference sections on the bottom of the post (wherever applicable). It’s for those people who want to understand those concepts in full detail. Generally speaking, I would say that those links will be useful for those people who have that subject domain knowledge. General public might not be able to understand those scientific references completely.

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